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We proudly state that, we began our journey with minimal resources, but tremendous courage to create world class Logistics Company. Today we are a fastest growing HMRC accredited company having own office in London with professionally managed network of well established agents around the globe , thus giving us a unique advantage to provide you, world class brokerage and logistics services.

Our extensive network provides better co-ordination with overseas agents, resulting in total satisfaction amongst our customers. Our office is staffed by friendly and trained professionals striving to put in better than their best. We continuously improve our services by proactively understanding our customer’s need.

We are committed to keep our commitment.

In rapidly changing electronic world, company has invested heavily on customer services, distribution network, brokerage services and logistics to meet expectation of our customers.

Our clients include global mail and distribution services, freight forwarders, wholesalers, retailers, courier companies and e-commerce businesses, moving shipments by air, sea or road. Versatility and affordability is the key to our success.

Our services begin at any point of origin, anywhere in the world. Our timely, accurate customs declarations deliver you peace of mind. We offer bespoke reporting to keep you well informed of the information you need along with full track of payments for all types of DDU and DDP consignments.

For a professional, and reliable customs brokerage service, talk to ZYGON FREIGHT & LOGISTICS LTD.

Our Skills


    We are a neutral customs brokerage company focusing on fast and accurate customs clearance and various other brokerage services for global freight forwarders, but do not compete with them. Our services help your business remain compliant and your consignments getting cleared and retrieved with lightening swiftness. With our fully tracked, automatic payment system we can provide bespoke services to handle both DDU and DDP consignments.


    Shipping products around the globe can be precarious if you don't know what you are doing. It can cost you a fortune if you don’t have the required infrastructure at your disposal. Distribution now a days is recognized as being as important as the quality of goods. The supplier needs to be confident that product will arrive at its destination on time, in good condition and having fulfilled all the customs requirements of the countries involved. The primary supplier therefore needs to have a good relationship with a professional and reliable freight management company.


    To compliment our freight management services, we offer on and off-site warehouse facilities for long and short term storage. These facilities are well located and capable of receiving and dispatching the freight. These items can all be handled regardless of whether they are loose, boxed, or palletized. Our resources enable us to provide individual services such as stock control, re-packing, and product quality control. We are also able to provide a complete pick, pack, stock control and distribution, offering clients with full management reporting and product visibility.

We are professional, competitive and competent in our service